All The Kings Men [acrylic] Illustre 2015 award 'Best Individual Work' [For the most innovative and contemporary example of original illustration work on show].
‘All The Kings Men’ is unlike any other barber shop. For the barber, it’s his funhouse. For his customers, it’s a house of horrors. The barber is a self-appointed medical scientist who finds despicable pleasure in zapping what he calls his ‘patients’. Enter at your own risk. The piece is intended to be a hair-raising spectacle from a distance. Up close, it is scrupulously riddled with sight gags injected purely for the barber’s amusement.
All The Kings Men cameo
What is it like to be you? [ink]
What is it like to be you? [ink]
Alice [watercolour]
Full House [acrylic]
38 Waterloo Street cameo [ink]
38 Waterloo Street [ink]